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TermiGuard 24/7 guarantees their Termite Treatments in writing for 3 years 

TermiGuard 24/7 is a member of provincial pest control association and all of our exterminators are licensed under the Ontario Pesticides Act fully insured and bonded.

TermiGuard 24/7 not only eliminates your termites. Our company follows your job through from start to finish.
July 12, 2018

Plans to Renovate?

 Due to the increasing price for new homes, renovating older properties is becoming more popular. Older built homes; however captivating to look at, all tend to inherently have physical damage to the structure. To an untrained professional what may appear as water damaged wood, may likely be damage caused by Termites.Termites damage the wood from […]
May 31, 2018

Termite Swarm Season is here

Spring is in full swing. Cold weather has left, and the warmth is here to stay. That also means its Swarm Season if you’re a colony of Termites. Swarm season is when Termites fly away from current colony to reproduce and start a new colony of their own. Think of it like when children grow […]
April 30, 2018

Blog: How do Termites get into a House?

The first thing to consider is that in an average termite-infested neighbourhood, there are often 500,000 Termites around a home. Their only purpose in life is to find a way into a house and to get at the treasure of wood found inside. So, they scour every square inch of the house’s foundation and the […]