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Termite Treatment in Toronto & GTA

Step 1- Inspection process

The initial inspection will serve as a baseline which will include evidence of termites in the structure. It will also include visual evidence of damage to the structure including photos.

Step 2 – Proposed work details and firm price proposal.

Step 3 – One Call

We take care of locating underground infrastructure before we dig.

Step 4 – Treatment Day

A crew arrives in the morning and most jobs are completed in one day. The work will involve trenching, drilling on average 70 holes through which termicide will be applied, back filling and cleanup afterwards.

Step 5 – 3 Year Guarantee

Your building has now been thoroughly treated following exact manufacturers instructions. If you find evidence of a re-infestation in any area then we will retreat that area at no charge.

Step 6 – Extended Termite Warranty

After the initial 3 year warranty period is over, you can choose to purchase an Extended Termite Warranty on a year by year basis.