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Termite Inspection Process

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Our inspectors are fully trained, Ministry Licensed termite exterminators, fully insured and bonded.

Termite Inspections in Toronto & GTA

First inspections of a building cost $200.It includes a scale drawing of the building including the location and dimensions of all the rooms. Special attention is placed on the location of the kitchen sink, dishwasher, all bathrooms, plumbing ,laundry tubs, washing machines and anything else that can provide moisture which support termites. Once the initial inspection is completed all subsequent inspections will cost $150.

The initial inspection will serve as a baseline which will include evidence of wood destroying insects that are present in the structure. It will also include visual evidence of damage to the structure including photos. If extermination treatment is required, the report will include a detailed plan including all related costs and guarantee.

A written inspection report will include evidence of wood destroying insects that are present in the structure and evidence of prior infestations. It will also include evidence of damage to the structure including photos of the damage. Wood destroying insects include Termites, Carpenter Bees, Carpenter Ants and Powder Post Beetles.

What the inspection process includes

Termiguard 24/7 will do a thorough and professional inspection of your home. We take great pride in our inspections. We want you to have the best outcome, the best information and the best advice.

We start on the outside of your property looking for conducive conditions like a leaking tap. We look for a water supply like leaking storm water down spouts. We look for evidence of termites in trees and under any loose wood on the ground.

The main focus of the inspection is of course the house. It has the largest amount of wood available making it the jackpot for all the termite colonies nearby. Our technicians will usually start with a walk around the external perimeter checking for any tell tail signs of termite activity.

Next we will check the interior of the house starting at the front door and work our way around the entire main floor with a tapping tool listening for any hollow wood. We look for any visible signs of irregularities that might indicate termite damage. Then we do the same on the second floor.

Then we carefully check the sub-floor areas, basements and crawlspaces. These are often difficult and unpleasant to access but must be checked carefully as they are often the point of entry.

In the old days and still today in some cases an inspector would show up with only a screwdriver and a putty knife and inform the homeowner that they have found evidence of termites. They may then verbally give an estimate of say between $3,000 and $5,000 to do the treatment. The final bill may be for over $5,000.

To be sure of our inspection results we also use three different electronic devices to confirm our findings…

  1. We use a moisture meter because termites bring their own moisture when they enter a house and we can detect that with a moisture meter. A moisture meter will also be useful in finding a leaking shower or tub which would attract termites to these locations.
  2. We use a thermal imaging camera which detects the surface temperature of a wall using infrared technology. When termites infest a house we see cooler sections where they are. If they are nesting inside of your walls then we see a large hot-spot.
  3. Another useful piece of equipment that we use is the Termatrac. The Termatrac is a handheld radar device. It works by firing out microwaves into the wall and then reads the reflections so we can actually detect movement inside the walls. Using these electronic devices gives us the peace of mind and confidence that we have done the best possible inspection that we can of your house.

After the inspection we like to sit down with the homeowner and talk about the outcome and our treatment recommendations.