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Altriset Termiticide Termite Treatment

Altriset Termiticide  is a new long lasting chemical technology. It is undetectable by Termites, they cannot smell, taste or avoid it. It is slow acting so that there is time for the infected termites to return to their colonies and transfer the poison to others living deep in the colony.  Treatment usually takes one day by a crew for treatment of both the exterior and interior of the building.  

Termite treatment chemicals are mainly used to treat subterranean termites which come from underground. For that reason, to treat subterranean termites, we have to dig a trench around the house and inject Altriset to a depth of four feet into the soil. The goal is to put a liquid barrier around your entire home. 

The best and latest termite products are called non-repellent products. This means the termites do not realize the barrier is in the soil. They walk through the product freely picking it up on their bodies and carrying it back down underground and passing it around to the rest of the colony. It moves like a plague, killing the queen and the entire colony over a period of time.