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Termite Treatment Costs

Termiguard 24/7 Firm Price Proposal

How will the final cost be calculated?

  1. The final cost will be calculated using the total area covered and the amount of chemical used during the treatment. The Firm Price proposal includes how much pesticide will be used in each treated area. Accurately calculating the use of pesticide is critical to ensure that the Termite Treatment is effective on cost and the environment.
  2. We calculate the cost of opening up access to walls. Once we open up the walls then we can see if there is damaged wood that should be replaced while the wall is open.
  3. At this time we will give you another estimate for the cost of replacing the damaged wood with new wood if damage was discovered. If no damage was found then our estimate will include only the cost of putting everything back together the way it was and finishing the job with drywall, trim and paint. You are of course welcome to get your own estimate from a handyman to contractors or you can do it yourself. This could help keep costs down.
  4. We calculate the cost of labour and drills for the laborious job of drilling ½” holes every 18” around the perimeter of the basement floors, and any outside concrete patio’s, driveways etc. Workers drill on average 70 holes through concrete and stones on the average job. All holes are sealed with latex cement limiting the interior exposure to the termicide.

“We provide a FIRM PRICE PROPOSAL, not an Estimate. We know how much it will cost, that’s why you’re hiring a professional.”