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Blog: How do Termites get into a House?

The first thing to consider is that in an average termite-infested neighbourhood, there are often 500,000 Termites around a home. Their only purpose in life is to find a way into a house and to get at the treasure of wood found inside. So, they scour every square inch of the house’s foundation and the slab under the house. They never sleep; working 24 hours a day examining every brick, every mortar joint, every weep hole, every expansion joint.  Like every living creature they need water to survive. Termites are particularly attracted to moisture and often find entry through cracks, waterspouts, attached decks, door frames, or any infested wood debris.

Once there’s a crack in the armor – they’re in. They start construction of a mud tube to conceal their activity and start chewing away at the wood inside of the house.