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How do I know if I have Termites?

Termites can burrow into wood for years with no visual signs causing significant damage before they are noticed. It is important to have the proper protection and prevention to stop termite populations from rapidly increasing.

Shelter Tubes
Termites need moisture to survive so they build shelter tubes using their feces and saliva to insulate themselves. They them use these tubes as passageways to get from underground areas to infested wood.

Indoors termites eat the paper in drywall and in wood trim leaving the paint to blister and bubble. Outdoors termites can be found by turning over a piece of infested wood.

Hollow Spots
Look for holes in wooden floors for example where termites have eaten away at the wood.

Other evidence of termite infestation include…

  • Discarded wings around the house.
  • Frass, which is termite feces.
  • Hollow sounding wood often located in baseboards.
  • Mud packed galleries in your wood.