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Termite Awareness Week is March 7-13th

Termite Awareness will be at an all-time high this year because of people staying home and enjoying their own spaces due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. More homeowners are renovating backyard spaces than ever before and it’s a good time to bring awareness to the destruction of Termites and signs of Termite Damage. As we know, Subterranean Termites love two things; Moisture and Wood (Cellulose material.) 

Here is what to look out for when renovating your home this year:

  • Wood to soil content 
    • Wooden porch or steps
    • Tree roots touching the foundation 
    • Wood frame windows at ground level 
  • Water Issues and Drainage
    • Ensure water drains away from foundation 
    • Any leaks within the house inspect drywall and wood beams 
  • Wood or Drywall Damage
    • Dying tree branches 
    • Wooden stumps on property 
    • Porch boards 
    • Wooden window frames 
  • Vegetation
    • Tree/Shrubs touching foundation 
    • Inspect landscaping and wooden retaining walls 

Last year, a young couple bought their first home in East York and quickly identified brown sandy shelter tubes along the drywall in their basement. They quickly called a Certified Termi Guard 24/7 Technician to inspect their home. After inspection, we found Termites were active on all four sides of their basement. In addition, we found a dying tree on their property which was providing a food source to the Termite Colony. We completed a full treatment and gave them a 3-Year warranty and recommended they remove the dying tree. The Termi Guard 24/7 warranty gives this young couple the peace-of-mind knowing their greatest asset is covered from destruction by Subterranean Termites.  

If you’re renovating your home or backyard space and see signs of Termites give us a call today! 

We follow strict COVID-19 protocols of Hand Washing, Wearing Masks and Physical Distancing at all times.