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Termites in Toronto forming super-colonies

Scientists from Western University have discovered how termites are able to form super-colonies in Toronto. As it turns out they are all related to each other, they are like kin, all in the same family.

Western biology professor Graham Thompson published his research in the journal of Environmental Entomology on December 19, 2012. Thompson found that termites arrived in Canada in three major invasions over the past 75 years. He also found that termites in Toronto have formed huge colonies because of a shared genetic code which makes them all related.

No matter what area of the GTA you look at termites are all very similar genetically. Being genetically similar has resulted in termites from different properties and neighbourhoods to join together forming one big colony. With no genetic differences termite colonies can spread in any direction from any direction and have formed super-colonies across entire city blocks.

This means that termites no longer live in small colonies. They now move underground like a giant blob. This makes them far more difficult to eradicate and far more important to protect every home or business. Pesticides used to kill termites eventually lose their punch and termites from the surrounding super-colony return to the property in the millions. Monitoring and re-treatment is vital in order to protect high valued properties in the GTA.